iOS 10 – How to clean your iPhone / Remove Data Using iMyfone Umate Pro

Today, we're reviewing the iMyfone Umate Pro, a great application that helps you keep your iDevice clean and working as fast as possible. Also, this application has a built-in state of the art file destroyer that you can use if you want to make sure nobody, not even the best laboratory specialized in Data Recovery will ever recover that file. It might be a picture, it might be a message conversation or a note, some financial, bank statement maybe? No matter what file you need to get rid of, this app will make sure it's the last time somebody has seen that file.

The One-Click Cleaning function is a state of the art system that can free a lot of space, I managed to get 1 GB of space back out of my iPhone 6 that I only been using for 1 month, think about how much YOU can save on your device. No matter what iPhone you have, daily usage builds temporary files, junk, caches, histories, cookies, app buffers, and so on, these increase the space occupied and unfortunately, the iPhone don't seem to have a cleaning function, this is where Umate Pro comes in handy. 

Although this is a sponsored review, we did our best to test the app and provide a 100% honest review from the user's standpoint, not from the tester's standpoint .

iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac:
iMyfone Umate Pro for Windows:


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