iOS 10.2 New Firmware Manager Version (28) Update + Lilo App

Today we have an important update for the F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager Application for Windows. Aside of the bug fixes, the application now includes a new feature that builds automatically the F.C.E. 365 Lilo App used for iCloud Bypass debugging. The feature is now available inside the Toolbox on the final page.

The bug fixes and improvements are merely targeted for Windows 10 users (as there have been most of the compatibility issues). Keep in mind that OS X users can still download the Lilo App manually from our repo.

Please only download Firmware Manager from our direct links, don't buy it from anywhere, it is a free application, also, if you see it bundled with any other app, or under any kind of unapproved setup, don't open it! Follow only genuine links to avoid issues 🙂

Firmware Manager v28:
Reverse Engineering:


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