PANGU + KEEN iOS 11 JAILBREAK For 64-Bit – Is It Real?

The notorious "Cydia Magic" strikes again, this time with a new iteration of a FAKE #Pangu + KeenLab Jailbreak targeted towards iOS 11. Some of you sent me links to it in the comments section so I've decided to take a look on it, guess what? Yet another fake jailbreak tool aimed to either infect your PC or to gain some cash from ads and views. 

The tool appears to be a C# tool (or VB.NET) including both KeenLab and Pangu's logo to deceive people. The program claims to install keen IPA, which aims to be the IPA of the real Keenlab jailbreak demoed at MOSEC 2017. The only flaw here is that this IPA has never been released publicly, so there is no way "Cydia Magic" has it.

Liang Chen of #KeenLab, the real author of the Keenlab #Jailbreak demoed at MOSEC 2017 made a statement on Twitter, in which he explains the fact that due to an increased number of fake videos showing KeenLab jailbreaks, he has uploaded the real video from MOSEC 2017.

Worst part about these fake jailbreaks is that people believe them. Of course, there are people who would never fall for such scams, but there are also people who just wanna jailbreak their device, so they go ahead, search on YouTube and end up finding these "tutorials".

The real KeenLab Jailbreak Video
Keenlab on Twitter
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