PANGU Jailbreak Team Will Hold a Talk about iOS Exploits Tomorrow

If you remember, a couple weeks ago we've discussed about the Tencent Security Conference 2017 that was scheduled to take place on August 30 – 31. The announcement and the agenda were posted by KeenLab back in July, and now it is finally the time.

Although the conference seem to include presentations from various Microsoft, Google and TrendMicro employees,  what really caught my attention was the Team Pangu. Yes, the Jailbreak team that created iOS 7.1.x, iOS 8.x and iOS 9.x Jailbreaks.

The topic Pangu is going to present at Tencent is "Finding iOS Vulnerabilities in an easy way", and when there are vulnerabilities, there are exploits. Now, I don't think the KeenLab situation from MOSEC will repeat. As you probably remember, back on MOSEC 2017, Liang Chen, part of KeenLab had a talk, but then he also demoed a jailbreak for iOS 11 Beta and iOS 10.3.2 that was not part of the agenda. I don't think we should expect the same unplanned demo from Pangu, but everything is possible, so I will let you know if they demo anything.

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