iOS 9.3 and 9.2 Jailbreak – Is loofamai Jailbreak legit or it’s fake?

Today we've got our attention focused on a new Jailbreak Tool called LOOFAMAI. As we went to the website, we have seen a well structured page containing well documentation and a BIG download button. When we pressed the button and we actually managed to download the tool, we decided that it require an in-depth analysis.

From some sources, allegedly, this tool was also featured on PanGu's website.
Our attention got focused more on this tool when we found it for sale on eBay for 400$; So is it fake or not? I will let you find out!

The application itself comes as a ZIP pack containing an executable application. Using in-depth analysis, we found out that the app uses LIBIMOBILEDEVICE components to detect connected iDevices and to sniff the iOS version and device's name; The executable's structure looks like Autoplay apps structure but it's protected with AES password.

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