iOS 9.3.5 – Jailbreak DIY Fried Apple Team | BlackHat 2017

As you probably know, today was the third day of BlackHat Asia 2017, the event where the Fried Apple Team held their presentation named "Jailbreak DIY", in which they discussed about exploits, tethered and untethered Jailbreak, Kernel exploiting and Kernel Analysis techniques and a lot of cool stuff you should really check out.

Their presentation slides, are available on their GitHub account, linked down bellow and you can check it out. It is definitely a very well put together presentation and very up to date in terms of Jailbreaking techniques, exploit development and Kernel analysis.

The fact that they had this presentation at BlackHat confirms them as a real jailbreakers team, which is something the community needs, now that Luca Todesco, previously known for yalu102 said he won't be releasing any other Jailbreak. Speaking about their Jailbreak, we have no information about any releases – I don't know if they announced anything at BlackHat, but the video will be soon made publicly available (most likely on BlackHat's channel) and therefore we will be able to see the entire presentation and any announcements. As far as we know, they've been working on an untethered iOS 9.x (including 9.3.5) Jailbreak, but they are very similar to Pangu in terms of announcements (which is a good thing as they avoid public pressure and can focus on the work).

I will keep you informed should they release anything or announce any ETAs or any possible tools.

iOS 9.0 – 9.3.5 Jailbreak DIY Slides:
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BlackHat's Channel:

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