iOS 14.2 / 14.1 / 14.0 JAILBREAK GOOD NEWS: New A12 / A13 Kernel Exploit With R/W Privs ACHIEVED!

For those of you interested in jailbreaking iOS 14, up to iOS 14.2 (currently in Release Candidate Beta), a brand new kernel exploit has been achieved on A12 / A13 devices (and implicitly older ones too), by Luca Todesco, one of the developers behind CheckRa1n jailbreak. The exploit allowed him to get Kernel Read and Write (R/W) privileges on A12 (A13 too as they are the same, mostly). This is usable for a jailbreak.

Of course, this has been achieved on iOS 14.2 which is currently Apple’s most recent iOS firmware to date. iOS 14.2 is in Beta 4 considered Release Candidate (RC), which means it won’t be long before iOS 14.2 becomes the latest public stable release phasing out iOS 14.1 which is currently signed. Todesco’s achievement is a big one, but there is no word on any releases, for now, so do not update to iOS 14.2 and stay as low as possible.

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