iOS 11 NEW Jailbreak Team (TIGRIS) (Legit Developers)

In today's video I have some great news for those of you who might have lost their faith in Jailbreak, a new Team of jaibreakers has taken the initiative to try building an iOS 11 Jailbreak. They call themselves Tigris Team and the team is composed of some legit Cydia Tweak Developers known in the community. Antique_Dev is one of them. He's known for quite some tweaks available on his repo.

The team mentioned the fact that, even tho they have advanced knowledge of Objective-C (which is mandatory for creating Cydia Tweaks), they're still newcomers to the C++ and therefore they are starting from scratch. Of course, they're beginner in the Jailbreaking domain, but since at least some of them are known for being tweak developers with some good Objective-C background, they might be able to learn what it takes to build a jailbreak. At the end of the day, the jailbreak is somewhat similar with tweaking since tweaking implies injecting code into a process to change its behavior. Of course, knowing how to make cydia tweaks is NOT enough to be able to build a jailbreak from scratch, but might be a very good starting point for this team.

What I recommend is to not get overhyped yet. Since they're beginners, even if they hold some serious Objective-C knowledge they can still give up. Just keep them in mind since they're not another fake team.

Should you update already to iOS 11? Definitely not. Wait until something conclusive comes out! Don't get on the hype train.

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