iOS 10.3 New Jailbreak by Jailbreak-Official | Is it legit? In-Depth Analysis

Today I am going to take a look at a link given to me by some of you on twitter. This alleged Jailbreak tool by Jailbreak-Official claims to work by modifying an IPSW and restoring it using LibiMobileDevice components. The claims are pretty heavy considering the lack of iBoot exploits for 64-Bit devices and even for newer 32-Bit ones.

This tool is apparently just for Windows PCs, so I had to test it in a VirtualBox since I don't wanna risk my Windows machine. Upon inspection, the tool itself does look like what is advertised on the website and it does not ask for any serial, so we're set for the moment.

I can't help feeling that the tool copies Pangu's Jailbreak design from back on iOS 9 tool. Everything on the tool is in Chinese, but there is a "Continue" button that is in English. Pressing it makes the so called Jailbreak tool to ask for an IPSW to be modified. What I've discovered is that even if you don't feed an IPSW to the tool, it would still start "Modifying the IPSW" and increasing a progress bar, and would refuse to close unless you terminate the process from Task Manager. Well. this confirms my suspicion. The tool is definitely fake. What is more, is that the website is actually a sub-domain to another website that apparently "sells" jailbreaks. At this point this is not only a fake, but a full time scam. 

LibiMobileDevice is a real toolchain for various iOS actions like restore, backup and so on, created by real programers, but it has nothing to do with the "jailbreak" tool on this page, it is not part of it nor it is used, despite their claims.

So, I hope I made the things clear about "Jailbreak-Official" and their magical iOS 10.3 Jailbreak. Don't fall for it, don't open it on your Windows machine and don't trust anything coming from paid jailbreak websites.



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