Hard to believe what is going on lately, just a couple hours ago, XIG TEAM have confirmed the tweet made previously with the incorrect release date (31 of September which by the way does not exist) was just a typo, and now they are claiming the real release date for the #Xig #Jailbreak is 13 of September, 1 day after the Apple event where the new iPhone 8 and the iOS 11 will be released.

A lot of people are currently considering Xig Team fake due to the tweet they've made saying the release will take place on an inexistent date, now that they've corrected that, we know they should be releasing exactly next week. By next week, we will be able to tell whether they're fake or legit.

Xig Team has confirmed on their twitter the fact that their jailbreak will be bundled with some Chinese App store, kind of the same route #Pangu did gone use. They've reiterated once more the fact that the jailbreak will be exclusive to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Warning! Although they've clarified the issue with the release date, that doesn't mean they're automatically legit! DO NOT OVERHYPE! We still don't know whether these guys are going to release anything, or this is a massive troll.
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Check out the videos below to learn more about the XIG Team.

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