iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak – Project 0 – Now Compatible With All x64 Devices!

Today I decided to make the Google Project "Jailbreak" more user-friendly and also to extend it's compatibility from iPad Mini 2 and iPod Touch 6 (with which it comes from the creators) to all x64 devices including iPhone 7 and SE. I did that by making a collection of offsets and writing the code for them so that you no longer need to touch any piece of code, just add your Apple ID (for signing purposes), run the project and you will be able to exploit the device for Sandbox escaping, codesign patching and full ROOT Shell access.

I uploaded my fork of the project with all modifications from above to GitHub so that other bright minds can take it and maybe improve it even more. As far as the user-friendliness is concerned, I modified the main app (that used to show a white screen) and added some info on it. Now it tells the user that the app was successfully deployed, and he should be focusing on the Debug pane of the XCODE.

Unfortunately, this is not compatible with iOS 10.2 nor with 32-Bit iPhones for the moment. I explained in the video why.

My Fork of the project on GitHub:
The original project + Instructions:
How to change the offsets manually:
What is this project:

==Other Resources==
Reverse Engineering:


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