iOS 10.3.3/10.0 Meridian Jailbreak Released (Including iPhone 7/7+) | All you need to know

In today's video, we're discussing the Meridian 64-Bit Jailbreak created by IBSparkes and many other community members. The jailbreak should, in theory, work on iOS 10.3.3 down to iOS 10.0, which means that you should be able to use it as a replacement for Yalu Jailbreak on iOS 10.2 and lower, and as a replacement for Saigon on iOS 10.2.1.

According to the website, Meridian Jailbreak should be compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well. G0blin Jailbreak presented in a previous video was only compatible with iPhone 5S up to iPhone 6S Plus. However, upon testing, I wasn't able to get Meridian to work reliable on my iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.3.3 as of Public Beta 3.

This is primarily the reason I didn't make a video about Meridian Jailbreak earlier. The previous betas would not work at all on my 7 Plus. As for Beta 3, a few things have been fixed and I was able to get Cydia to install on my 7 Plus, but Cydia still can't install anything on my device and it fails to detect the installed repos.

This is a very good initiative, props to IBSparkes and all the community members involved, but it is still not a jailbreak I would recommend for beginners for the moment. It crashes a lot, the Substrate is missing (has to be updated by saurik) and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, although supported, can't really make use of this jailbreak yet. It is, however, a work in progress so patience is the key. Meridian is the first jailbreak to finally be able to install Cydia on this damn iPhone 7 Plus I own, so that's a very good beginning.

NOTA BENE! This is a semi-untethered jailbreak. This means that you will have to re-sign the IPA every 7 days using Cydia Impactor if you're using a free Apple Developer Account.

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