In today's video we're discussing some important news about Apple's newest release, that is, the iOS 11.0.3 which aims to fix some huge bugs on #iOS 11. Some of these bugs really messed stuff up when iPhone 6S and quite possible other models started to act erratically on touches on the screen. The bug appeared on iPhone 6S devices for which the screen has been replaced with an aftermarket one. Most of the screens are probably changed with aftermarket parts anyways since a lot of people who do crack the screens by accident probably have no idea that they will receive a non-genuine replacement component from their unauthorized service. 

In fact, many users do not even know that non-genuine parts exist, and those who do, may buy them just because they're way cheaper than going to an Apple Store, setting up a Genius appointment and having the screen changed for quite a lot of money.

There's a catch here though. Some unauthorized (by unauthorized I mean they don't have a partnership with Apple and they use aftermarket "components" components) are clever enough to KEEP the original Touch ID sensor when changing the cracked screen with an aftermarket one. Some of them don't, and I heard enough cases when the Touch ID won't work after the screen has been changed. The reason for that is that Apple pairs the Touch ID sensor with the SEP (Secure Enclave Processor), which means only the original Touch ID sensor will ever work properly. This is not done to have some monopolistic business model over Touch ID sensors, it is done this way to prevent attaching devices that might extract data stored in the SEP (your fingerprint data, etc).

Apple publicly recommends against unauthorized services and parts in the iOS 11.0.3's update info text, as they do not have the same quality and may render further problems.

The other issue fixed by Apple in 11.0.3 is the haptic feedback and the audio issues on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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