iOS 9.2.1 Patches for iPhone 5,2 | About iBOOT Exploits | Was doulCi a scam?

In today's video I'd like to present the patches for iBEC, iBSS and ASR for iOS 9.2.1 on iPhone 5,2; I am going to explain about the Bootrom and iBoot exploits, and how can Apple do to patch these, and we are also talking about the phenomenon of doulCi, which was free legit service that, of course, no longer works due to Apple, but due to it's popular name, scammers tend to use it to attract people into buying various fake services on eBay and other alike platforms, therefore, you need to avoid everything that pretends to be a paid service for magic hosts lines and tools like that unless you wanna risk your PC's integrity.

I know the video is a little longer than expected, but it contains a lot of useful information, and I'd appreciate you to see the whole video, who knows? Maybe you will get to know new things 🙂

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This video is not sponsored, nor affiliated in any way doulCi Team or with Apple Inc.
iPhone and iOS with all it's subdivisions (ASR, iBEC, iBSS) are patents registered for Apple Inc. and the rights belongs to their respective owners.

This video is provided for EDUCATIONAL purpose ONLY and should be taken AS-IS with no guarantees.

The patches (MEGA direct link):!U9klDBwJ

The password: !_fVaHTUtzzSfUAT_8O8016z0euTYMBRBQszTrLn7Bi8

You will be asked for this key on MEGA.

About iBSS:
About iBEC:
About iBOOT:
About ASR:

How to preserve the battery life of your iPhone | Something that can kill your iPhone!:

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