How to customize Apple Logo on IPSWs using ImageTool or Sn0wBreeze

In today’s video I am going to teach you how to change the boot logo of the iOS for A4 and older device using either Sn0wBreeze or ImageTool CLI application. This procedure is actually very simple and might take a couple of seconds. Keep in mind that you need to boot tethered to make it work on A4. This does not apply for iOS 6.X and lower. On these you can have permanent custom boot logo flashed into the device using CFW.

Tools Used:
Sn0wBreeze for iOS 3.x to 6.x:

ImageTool CLI:!dx9QTAYI!o-8XSFZoy3tm3QWDG0cuJfs9w0fKXesHsdKzkpyC9zc

Firmware Keys:

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