iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.2 Best Cydia Alternative (App Valley) For ++ Apps UPDATED

Today, I have some great news for those of you using App Valley, it has gone native. The #Cydia alternative for non-jailbroken devices, App Valley, which provides ++ Apps and modded games has now become an iOS native application rather than a profile that loads a webclip. This, of course, gives the author the ability to customize even better the app which is a good step forward. As far as I know, App Valley is the first 3rd-party app store that provides ++ Apps like Instagram++ and Snapchat++, which runs natively. Most of these stores run as webclips (a site pinned to the home screen).

In short, App Valley is a 3rd-party tweaked apps / games store where all games and apps are free. The games include mods for gems / diamonds, lives, various boosts, etc. depending on the game. This is primarily for devices that are not jailbroken as these devices can't easily modify apps / games.

#AppValley and #TweakBox are currently my go-to apps for ++Apps and for modded games on #iOS. These two are updated often, provide a large variety of apps and games, and the best (for me), they provide emulators. As some of you know, I am an 8-Bit era nostalgic and I love playing those old Nintendo, Gameboy, Commodore, Atari, etc. games.

This is possibly the best way to get some tweaked apps and games on a non-jailbroken device running iOS 10.x (iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 10.3.2 supported as well), iOS 11 (yes!) and iOS 9.x. As far as I know, App Valley does work on 32-Bit devices as well, so you're covered there.
Whether you chose to install your ++ iOS Apps from the profile (webclip) version or from the new native App Valley, I am pretty sure once you used it once, you can't go stock again 🙂


App Valley (Cydia Alternative)
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