iCloud Activation Unlock for all iPhones By Sa Mouth DEBUNKED

In today's video we're exposing a hoax #iCloud bypass that has over 5.5 million views. Some of you sent me the link asking me whether this is real or not, and so, I decided it would be better to address the matters publicly. With this occasion, I also wanted to explain a bit more, what is the real process behind the iCloud Activation.

See, when you reset your iDevice, it gets back to what we call the Setup screen. The Setup screen is provided by Setup.App, an application that is present on all devices. When you reach the iCloud activation part of the setup, your device will try to communicate with the Albert server. Albert is the server used by Apple to carry out activation requests, locks and the push / iM services. You device sends info to Albert in the form of an Activation Request, that request can contain info about the SIM Card inserted, the Serial Number, IMEI, FairPlay data and public keys.

Once Albert has received the request, it will check the database to see whether your device's IMEI and Serial is paired with a specific Apple ID or Apple Account. If it is, Albert will communicate that to the device and ask for log in (the lock page you see), if it isn't, Albert will generate an Activation Ticket (nope, this can't be forged) and will send it to the device, thus making the device to go to the next step which is "Location Services".

What Sa Mouth presents in his 5.5 million views iCloud Unlock video is not possible because calling a number and jumping from a menu to another will not make an Activation Ticket to appear out of the blue on your locked device. Normally, since the device is locked, you would need to input the ID and the password to be able to unlock it. Bypasses like iCloudDNS do not create an activation ticket. 

CFW Bypasses aren't currently possible dude to the lack of an iBoot or BootROM exploit for newer devices (iPhone 4S and up), without one, we can't fix Error 14 during the restore. Error 14 is caused by hash mismatch which can't easily be corrected without such exploits. Even if you had an exploit, and you restored a CFW, the bypass would still leave your device with No Service, because there would still be no activation ticket on the device. 

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