iOS 10.2 Jailbreak – How to Install AppSync Safely

In today's video I am glad to announce the fact that AppSync Tweak has finally been updated and is working perfectly fine with iOS 10, and lo longer bricks your device. I have installed it from the official Cydia Repo and is fully compatible with Yalu Jailbreak. Some of you already know what AppSync does, but for those who do not, it allows you to install IPAs without messing up with certificates or signing, it is used for installing emulators as well (to prevent the certificate from expiring each 7 days). AppSync has been around for as long as iOS 4 and people have grown a accustomed to it.

You should only get it from the official repo, as the author of the tweak announced, there are quite a few other repos that copied the tweak, but those aren't safe, let alone updated. The official repo always provides the updates in time. Appsync for iOS 10 is in Beta, but works flawlessly as you can see from the video.


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