iPhone 6 – iOS 9.3.2 Setup.App Patch UPDATED Released – Should you continue using iOS 10 for CFW?

Okay, so, a lot of people asked me on the comments section and on e-mails and on messages on YouTube and so on if I can update the Setup.App Patch for iPhone 6 with the fix that prevents the error about the FREE Space Left on DMG, so I decided to update it.
You can grab it from here.

This video is important because I also talk about iOS 10 Beta 1. If you should use it anymore for CFWs, and I also talk about iOS 9.3.2, iTunes Error 14 and what you can do.
iOS 10 is extremely messed up, Apple seem to be angry because the Beta for iOS 10 (the IPSWs) were supposed to remain private (for devs only) but they were leaked. This wouldn't be very important if the file was to be encrypted, but Apple made a mistake they realized too late, all ROOT FS files were decrypted in iOS 10 allowing direct access to the system.
When they realized the problem, they tweaked the servers to check for modifications in iOS 10 Beta 1, hence the ERROR 14 which APPLE DESCRIBES as an USB ERROR which is in fact NOT.
They don't wanna tell you the exact error, error 14 being shown on iOS 10 for nearly everything.

What I recommend?
Going back to iOS 9.3.2 of course. Why? Because it CAN be restored on Windows too and doesn't require XCODE 8 + Account and the errors are clean and you can debug better. All the patches and the tutorials for iOS 9.3.2 are already available on my channel but it is still a work in progress, SO I highly RECOMMEND you to READ this: https://fce365.info/f-a-q-cfw-bypass This document replies to most of your questions.

The file is in the description of the video.


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