iOS 14.3 UNTETHERED Downgrade & Future Jailbreak: How To Save SHSH2 BLOBS WITHOUT PC (Pre-A12)

In today’s video, we’re discussing about how to save SHSH2 blobs for iOS 14.3 without being jailbroken and without a computer, on pre-A12 devices. These blobs are necessary when you wanna perform a downgrade in the future, especially if you wanna be able to downgrade Untethered! An Untethered downgrade means that you won’t need to connect the device to a PC every time you reboot. Unfortunately, Untethered downgrades can only be done IF you saved your SHSH2 blobs at the right time, so you should make a habit of saving them regularly.

As for using them, FutureRestore (adam’s fork) supports iOS 14 and can work with SHSH2 blobs saved with the method shown in the video. Saving the SHSH2 blobs is free and takes a few seconds. What these blobs contain is basically a snapshot of the response for signing the iOS version you try to restore to. They are personalized to your device and cannot be shared or swapped, that’s why it’s crucial to correctly save them.

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