PANGU Jailbreak Team To Release A Very Important iOS SEP Vulnerability (Useful For Downgrades)

In today’s video, we’re discussing the upcoming release/talk by #PANGU (security researchers / former Jailbreak Team) that will take place at #MOSEC 2020 (Mobile Security Conference). It’s a talk focused on how SEP (iOS’ Secure Enclave Processor) works, followed by a vulnerability release for SEP. This would be the very first publicly available #SEP since it was introduced in iPhone 5S. SEP is one of the things that prevent us from being able to downgrade freely.

SEP, also known as the Secure Enclave Processor handles the passcode, Touch ID, FaceID, encryption/decryption of the user data on the phone as well as most if not all cryptography-related actions. It’s a crucial component of iOS without which the device won’t boot. Today, most SHSH2 blobs saved for older versions such as iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.3 and iOS 12, iOS 11 and so on, are useless because of SEP not being downgradable. If we can finally understand how SEP works and how to circumvent it, this may open new doors to further downgrades even back to very old iOS versions. Pangu Team’s research is undoubtedly impressive!

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