NEW iOS 12.0 / 12.1.2 Good Jailbreak News: Kernel Bug With tfp0 To Be Released! (DO NOT UPDATE)

In today's video we have great news to discuss for those of you who updated to iOS 12 and are waiting for a #Jailbreak, however, right from the start, please do NOT update to iOS 12.1.2 or iOS 12.1.1 if you are on a lower iOS version. It's always advised to stay as low as possible. So just a few hours ago, security researcher SorryMyBad posted an update that he'll release his kernel bug after Apple patches it. The bug has been reported back in November but Apple was slow to patch it and SorryMyBad believes it was due to the holidays. When I asked SorryMyBad whether this bug provides tfp0 or the kernel task port, he confirmed it with "absolutely yes".

Although some other news sources belittled this with claims that it can only be used to read the kernel memory, or that it's not useful for Jailbreaking, for pre-A12 devices this is going to be a major release which will definitely help a lot to kickstart the jailbreak development on #iOS 12. Having send rights to the kernel task port allows us to perform arbitrary reads AND WRITES to its virtual memory and therefore to apply jailbreak patches. Ian Beer's exploits used to Jailbreak iOS 11, iOS 11.4 Beta and everything in-between, pretty much exposed the kernel task port.

Of course, the kernel task port a jailbreak doesn't make, other post-exploitation patches are still needed and with iOS 12 we also have to deal with CoreTrust, but having the kernel task port is a huge step ahead. This may, however, not work on A12 devices. In this video, I also explain what is #tfp0, why we patch the task_for_pid function and why is that important.

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