In today's video, I have some interesting news coming from @ProteasWang, a security researcher at Qihoo 360 Nirvan Team. He has posted a few hours ago a screenshot of #Cydia successfully running on #iOS 12 Beta pretty much demonstrating a working iOS 12 Beta #Jailbreak for iOS 12. The screenshot was not accompanied by any information or details but in the screenshot it's visible he's running a 64-Bit version of Cydia on an iPhone7,2 iOS 12.

Of course, the very first question people asked was "Is this guy legit"? Well, In my opinion, he is. He's a security researcher at Qihoo 360 Nirvan Team which is a reputable security team and he's followed by most major security researchers in our community. Judging by his tweets he does have iOS knowledge. I was actually following the guy on Twitter long before his Cydia screenshot post so I assume he's legitimate.

However, no need for hype for the moment. A Jailbreak for iOS 12 Beta 6 has some drawbacks as well. First and foremost, since it's for a Beta version (or versions), Apple will most likely patch this by the time iOS 12 is out for the general public and even if they don't, there is no word on any public release of the jailbreak or the vulnerability. It's good to see that iOS 12 Jailbreak is possible. This implies that Proteas has a kernel exploit because otherwise, he wouldn't be able to Jailbreak with Cydia.

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