iOS 12.3.1 / 12.2 / 12.1.4 Safari / WebKit JAILBREAK DEBUNKED! | EXPLAINED!

In today's video, we're discussing yet another Safari / Webkit #jailbreak that needs a proper debunking, this time for #iOS 12.3.1 and lower. This one was sent by a person called Jake to my mailbox yesterday and he asked me to make a debunking video on it, so here it is Jake, I hope you'll enjoy the video. The jailbreak video Jake sent me is pretty popular at over 33 thousand views and pretty positive comments. It's coming from a tutorials channel and it has one thing in common with all the other fake jailbreaks we've debunked here on the channel: it's using the same claims and the same method.

Sometimes it really looks like it's a single person behind all these phony jailbreaks. The claims are simple: you have to get to the jailbreak platform through Safari, press the big "Jailbreak" button, it would pop up some verbose stuff that makes no technical sense but appears so to the untrained eye, and then it tells you that the jailbreak files were prepared and in order to apply it you need to get some apps from the App Store which are usually free. Classic. Almost all of the fake jailbreaks do this and for a reason – ads.

These jailbreaks can be pretty credible for the untrained eye and newcomers can easily fall for them as they are particularly hard to tell if fake or not because to be able to tell that, you need actual jailbreak experience. I hope this video makes it clear and helps people stay away from these untrusted sources.

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