iOS 12.3.1 / 12.2 / 12.1.4 JAILBREAK News: New tfp0 Kernel Exploit Was Achieved!

In today's video, we're discussing a new tfp0 kernel exploit achieved by security researcher derrekr6 on Twitter. Just a few hours ago he posted on his account that he has successfully achieved tfp0 (Kernel Task Port) on iOS 12.3.1 (and possibly even lower), but the bug exploited is unstable/unreliable. Derrek did not provide any information about any possible releases in the near future. iOS 12.3.1 is currently the latest signed version available outside of the iOS 13 Public Beta and iOS 12.4 betas. iOS 12.3 is also signed by Apple at the moment.

This is not the first time someone gets tfp0 on iOS 12.3.x. Sparkey, the developer of the Meridian Jailbreak has successfully jailbroken iOS 13 Beta, iOS 12.4 Beta and possibly even lower, with Cydia. He posted a screenshot of Cydia running on iOS 13 Beta and on iOS 12.4 Beta just a few weeks ago announcing the successful jailbreak on the aforementioned versions. Tfp0 exploits allow us to get the Kernel task port which means that we can modify however we want the virtual memory of the kernel. Although TEXT and DATA Const regions are protected, the variables are not, and these are usually what we target to patch in a jailbreak nowadays.

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