iOS 12.3.1 / 12.2 / 12.1.3 JAILBREAK Update: tfp0 Explained & Best Version To Be On

In today's video, we're discussing the best iOS version to be on if you wanna Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in the near future. We're also going to clarify what is tfp0 (Kernel Task Port), why is it crucial for Jailbreak development on iOS, and whether the fact that @derrekr6 reported his tfp0 kernel exploit to Apple is a bad or a good thing for the Jailbreak community that is eagerly waiting for such exploit to be released. 

In this video, we're going through great lengths of why is tfp0 an important component for the iOS Jailbreaks, why one should avoid iOS 13 Betas and iOS 12.3.1 if interested in jailbreaking their device, as well as which one is the best iOS version to stay on if you wanna jailbreak sooner than later. In the world of iOS Jailbreaks, it's usually that you're either staying on the best version possible, or you miss out on the jailbreak when it gets released, and of course, you are missing out on all the extra perks being jailbroken gives, such tweaks, themes, additional features and full control over your own device.

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