iOS 12.2 / 12.1.4 / 12.x JAILBREAK News: iOS in QEMU ACHIEVED & How Will This Help Jailbreak Devs

In today's video, we're discussing an interesting achievement in the iOS and Jailbreak community. Just a few days ago, Aleph Research posted that they've successfully managed to run iOS in QEMU, an emulator widely available and used. Not only they've announced it, but they also posted a full write-up on how this was done and how you can do it yourself from scratch. Their research is based on previous research done by zhuowei who has attempted a similar thing in the summer of 2018.

Why is this important for the iOS Jailbreak community though?
Well, if this kind of projects is developed further, we may finally have a better understanding of how the iOS boot chain works, how we can emulate iOS without having to have a device running a specific iOS version, and we would be able to do kernel debugging and iOS Jailbreak researcher safer. Currently, we can do that with Corellium which is actually much more powerful than this. Corellium lets you create whatever device you want, lets you debug the kernel, have SSH access, test iOS apps and whatever else you may think of, but unfortunately, it's only available to a small number of people. Having an open source project which can do at least 1% of what Corellium can do is more than welcome in a world where Apple is quickly gaining ground.

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