iOS 12.3.1 / 12.2 / 12.1.4 JAILBREAK NEWS: Cydia / Cydia Substrate Confirmed Working!

In today’s video, we have pretty good news for the people waiting for an iOS 12.1.3 up to iOS 12.3.1 Jailbreak. Just a few hours ago, jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd has announced that he successfully confirmed Cydia Substrate and Cydia working on iOS 12.2 and newer on a pre-jailbroken build of iOS 12.2 in Corellium. Corellium is an iOS emulator that uses real iOS kernel and components. It is currently open only to a handful of developers for trial, but it’s pretty fantastic – you can jailbreak iOS 13, iOS 12.3.1, etc. with it and do whatever jailbreak development/tests you want, without having to mess with a real iOS device. Unlike a simulator, this tool uses actual iOS so you know for sure the result is the same on a real device.

Because Corellium has its own iOS Bootloader, it can disable various security mechanisms in iOS so that you can apply various patches and have a jailbroken device on iOS 13 and iOS 12.4 with Cydia and Substrate, without having to have a tfp0 exploit. It’s an amazing feat of engineering that allows jailbreak developers, security researchers and iOS App developers alike to test their code on real-life environments. That’s how Pwn20wnd was able to test the Cydia Substrate.

I also have access to Corellium and was able to confirm Pwn20wnd’s findings. In Corellium, running iOS 13 Beta, I was able to run Cydia with no issue. Tweaks also work, so this means that once a tfp0 kernel exploit is available, we won’t need to lose time with fixing Substrate or Cydia (which can take a long time, now that Saurik isn’t that interested in keeping it update anymore, and Substrate is closed source).

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