iOS 11.x How to Remove To.Panga Jailbreak (For Electra Jailbreak With Cydia)

In today's video, as some of you requested, I am going to show you a quick tutorial on how to remove/uninstall the to.panga (also known as topanga) jailbreak for iOS 11, in order to be able to install Coolstar's Electra with Cydia once it comes out.

Coolstar has announced just a few days ago that those who have installed to.panga jailbreak created by Abraham Masri will not be able to use Electra with Cydia when it comes out until they remove to.panga completely. There are some scripts available on the web, but I won't recommend them, especially since Abraham Masri has pushed a new version of to.panga that is able to clear everything.

One single problem: you have to compile it yourself. Yes. Unlike other tools, to.panga doesn't come in IPA format so you can't just side-load it with Cydia Impactor and be done with it. You will need to use Xcode in order to compile the source code and to install to.panga on your phone. In this tutorial, I am showing you exactly how you need to proceed in order to compile and run to.panga successfully so that you can use Coolstar's Electra with Cydia once released.

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