iOS 11.2.1/11 Jailbreak UPDATE: Legendary Team’s Jailbreak CLARIFICATIONS

As you probably remember, a few days ago I made a video about saurik #jailbreak project with an alleged "legendary team" according to p0sixninja. In today's video, we're going to have some updates on the matter. P0sixninja stated on Twitter a couple hours ago that he is not releasing anything as he is not part of the team working with saurik on the jailbreak, but he had seen the results. He clarified that he's no longer interested in the jailbreak community due to the toxicity of it and he would return to it, but the toxicity drives him away. 

The takeaway from this update is that p0sixninja is not part of the jailbreak team in which saurik is involved. There will still be a jailbreak from saurik and his legendary team, but we have no clue who is part of the legendary team nor when they are going to release. Considering that p0sixninja has already seen the results, it is very likely they made progress in the background.

Saurik announced that in the near future, there will be updates to #Cydia, a proper update for the Substrate and all these will most likely fail to work with Electra due to Coolstar using version numbers and methods that might conflict. LiberiOS jailbreak is being considered by saurik as a kind of upgrade path, but not even LiberiOS is 100% compatible out of the box. I think that he will include the updates int he project he is working on.

For the moment, is not exactly clear what is going on. Saurik did not give out too much information to the general public (and with good reason). We're not entirely sure what he's going to release, but it is 100% sure that Cydia and Substrate will be properly updated, and he is working on *something* with the legendary team mentioned by p0sixninja that remains unknown for now.
I will keep you updated as fast as I learn more.


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