iOS 11.0 to 11.2.1 / iOS 10.3.3 JAILBREAK UPDATE | VERY GREAT NEWS!

In today's video, we're taking a look at the current situation of the iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak. Quite a lot of things have happened in the jailbreak community in the last week, so I decided to make a video to cover everything so that you can understand the current situation of the Jailbreak scene, and on which firmware is it recommended to stay.

iOS 11.1.2 seems to have a jailbreak just around the corner. A lot of projects are undergoing, based on async_wake exploit published by Google Project 0 security researcher, Ian Beer. Developers have managed to achieve root, Jailbreakless Filza with full root access, Jailbreakless tweaking, and modification of iOS, downgrades with blobs, and so on. With the current project doing so well, a jailbreak is definitely coming in the near future, so if you're running iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2, DO NOT UPDATE.

If you're running iOS 10.3.3 on a 32-Bit device (iPhone 5, 5C), tihmstar might have something for you. He is making impressive progress on making a 32-Bit iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak. He's got Cydia running, the mobile substrate, and even a theme applied, which means that soon 32-Bit devices will be jailbroken for life.

As for iOS 10.3.3 on 64-Bit devices, there is a very powerful exploit, the one used by tihmstar in his 10.3.3 32-Bit Jailbreak. We're talking, of course, about v0rtex exploit published by s1guza. The exploit works on 64-Bit and is compatible with iOS 10.3.3 and lower, so the chances someone will use this in a future jailbreak is are quite big.

If you're running iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.2.1, you are in a bad spot. iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1 have no public exploits available so there is no upcoming jailbreak in the near future for these versions. Since Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.1.2, you can no longer downgrade back.

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