iOS 10 – iPhone 7 – How to Decompress & Disassemble the Kernel | iPhone 5S iOS 9.3.5 Keys are up!

Today I will quickly show you how to decrypt / decompress and disassemble the iPhone 7 iOS 10 Kernel. Strange enough, this new iPhone's Kernel came with a strange container that has to be decompressed before it can be loaded in IDA Pro or Hopper for disassembling, kinda strange keeping in mind that all the rest of the devices have a decrypted kernel for which you can simply grab the 0xfeedface offset and then run it through lzssdec to get an ARM binary.
BUT WAIT! That's not all. Apparently, as you can see on the picture I posted on my Twitter, the KPP call function on iPhone 7's Kernel is called "_ml_set_interrupts_enabled". You can find it if you disassemble the app. If you are interested in Jailbreak research, it is a good point to start from when counting down the changes inside the new Kernel.

For this video we use IMG4Tool created by @xerub! Thanks xerub!

Also, the keys for iOS 9.3.5 iPhone 6,1 (5S) are now up on the iPhone Wiki, if anybody is still on that version (I wonder WHY…).

==Download Section==
IMG4Tool Git:
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iPhone 5S iOS 9.3.5 Keys:

New iOS SHSH Status Service I made:



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