iOS 10.0.1 GM (Golden Master) RELEASED | In-Depth Review To The Kernel And Back

This, is not the usual review you used to watch. We bring you a full in-depth analyze and dissection of the newly and freshly released iOS 10.0.1 GM (Golden Master) that was released a couple of hours ago.

Golden Master version is the final version that, if no additional bugs are found, will be the final iOS 10 build that all users will install two weeks from now.

The GM version of iOS 10 was released yesterday, September 7, during the Keynote where Apple announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as the new Apple Watch 2 (Water Resistant), and, of course, the new AirPods.

iOS 10 Keynote

In today's video we're not going to focus on features. Nobody cares of them as you can read them in the System Update page. Nothing important has changed since iOS 10 Beta 8, only a few bug fixes and feature enhancements here and there, but instead, we're going to the core! We're going to analyze, dissect and inspect the ROOT FILE SYSTEM of iOS 10.0.1 GM, to see if it is encrypted or not, as this will impact the Jailbreak and the iCloud Bypass a lot! We're also going to decrypt and disassemble the Kernel to see the full list of Kexts, and the complete disassembly of the Darwin Kernel to make Jailbreak Research Ready!

This, is what we call a real Operating System Review for developers.

Are you ready for a #DeveloperReview?

Here are the devices that will support iOS 10 officialy:

iOS 10 Supported devices chart

iOS 10.0.1 GM:
iOS Beta:
Full Kernel Dissection Tutorial:


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