How to save iOS 10.3.3 OTA SHSH2 Blobs for Future Downgrade & Jailbreak (A7)

In today's video, I am gonna be showing you how to save your OTA SHSH2 blobs for the currently signed iOS 10.3.3 on A7 devices for future downgrades and jailbreak. Apple left iOS 10.3.3 signed on A7 devices (which includes iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air), and it is currently possible to update from an old version like iOS 6 and iOS 7.1 to iOS 10.3.3 even tho iOS 10.3.3 has stopped from being signed for any other 64-Bit device long ago.

This feature is currently available for A7 devices that were shipped with iOS 7.1 or lower because it is not possible to jump from iOS 6 or iOS 7 directly to iOS 11.2.6/11.3. The device would first update to iOS 10.3.3, then to 11.2.6/11.3 as part of the normal process of update. Only that, iOS 10.3.3 on 64-Bit is jailbroken. DoubleH3lix can jailbreak any A7 device running iOS 10.3.3 so this firmware is pretty important.

It is not known whether Apple will keep the signing window open for iOS 10.3.3 on A7 devices forever, therefore, it is recommended to save the OTA blobs available just in case. You can't currently use them with futurerestore as far as I know, but they may prove very useful in the future so, why not simply saving them?

It is hard to tell whether these OTA blobs are being saved as valid ones. They do seem to contain the components of a normal restore/erase blob (although they're different) and they do have a generator, but IMG4Tool claims they're not valid. I am not sure whether the program is able to parse the OTA blobs or just the normal restore/erase ones. Still, It is best to save them. They are personalized to your device and it may prove useful.

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