iOS 11.3 RELEASED! Massive Update From Apple! (iOS 11.3 Features REVIEW – Battery Management)

In today's video, we're taking a look at Apple's newly released iOS 11.3. After a lot of time in Beta, Apple decided to finally release the iOS 11.3 with build number 15E216 for all 64-Bit devices. The update includes a huge amount of features and modifications. Apple really took seriously the drama behind the iOS throttling, so much that they implemented a new feature in Battery Settings that shows the user the health of the battery. Using the information show, you can tell whether the battery is worn out or it can still do full steam ahead. Also, in case the battery needs replacement, throttling will be activated on iOS to prevent overloads and sudden shutdowns, however, with the new feature you can disable throttling (NOT RECOMMENDED).

Amongst the big list of new features in iOS 11.3, we also have the ability to import medical records in the Health application. this only works in the United States currently. On the same note, the iMessage now features a business chat akin to what Facebook Messenger did go use. You can chat with customer support and set appointments with various companies. This feature is also available only in the US. 
The Music app has also received some improvements. Apple now provides ad-free uninterrupted music videos in their Music application on iOS.

There are way more features than this, there are also new Animojis for iPhone X users and a new privacy icon when an app collects data, to name a few. A full log of all changes in iOS 11.3 can be seen in the Software Update menu.

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