What will macOS Sierra bring new? | OS X renamed | Siri on MAC | System Requirements

Apple just revealed macOS Sierra Beta 1 during the first days of WWDC 16. It was clear that Apple will try to skip their patterns this time, but only a few thought that OS X will end here, this year, this summer after a very very long time in service. Yes, it is the time. Apple renamed OS X into macOS starting with the new Sierra version, how Apple named this build. The Sierra version will be launched for masses this fall, but the Public Beta will be available starting from July.

While Apple introduced a lot cool features in the macOS Sierra, I also have bad news. If you are unlucky enough to still rock an older iMAC, MacBook or Mac Pro these days, you might not be able to update to macOS Sierra. 

Yep, you've heard me. With this update, Apple also dropped a lot of their older devices. all 2007, 2008 and Early & Mid 2009 devices to be more specific. So, if you want to update to macOS Sierra, you will need a device at least from LATE 2009. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that your older device will stop working, it will continue to work perfectly fine on OS X El Capitan, but this will be its latest version from now on…

Apple will provide Security Updates!

Yep, there is, at least a good part. Apple will continue to bring you security updates and patches until at least 2018, so you are safe for the moment.

Now let me tell you what macOS Sierra rocks:

Siri on Mac

macOS Sierra

Yes, Siri, the well-known Personal Assistant from iPhone 4s (and up) and iPads / iPods now comes for the first time on MAC. She'll be able to do anything she used to do on your iPhone, but she can also interact with connected devices, search web, assess your Mac's storage and find documents by their extension.

Apple Pay

Apple pay will also be available on macOS starting with Sierra update.

Apple Pay on macOS Sierra

iCloud and Storage

Apple did a few tweaks and updates to their iCloud and Storage system, just minor updates to make it better.

iMAc Mid 2007Keep in mind that all these features are already available in the Beta Build (for devs) and will be available in a stable version in the Public Beta (in July).

It's hard to see our good ol' devices being obsolete, but times change, you can't simply fit the new software on the Mid 2007 / 2008 devices, that just not how things works…

I am still happy rocking my iMAC Mid 2007 running it's OS X El Capitan, even tho we saw signs of getting obsolete ever since Yosemite (when these old devices didn't receive AirDrop). Am I the only one?

I don't know. I just feel like new devices are no longer that strong. These new devices get bricked often, requires a lot new things (see the USB-C only port on MacBooks) and tends to change the way we used to use our computers.

But times change, old devices tend to remain behind and unfortunately, we have to move on…

What you think? Maybe it's time for an upgrade?


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