NEW iOS 10.3.3 JAILBREAK / Cydia BEST Alternative (AppValley) UPDATED!

If you're running on stock iOS on a version for which a Jailbreak solution is not available, this is as far as you can get with installing tweaked apps and games without having some hefty exploits.

With all the commotion going on in the Jailbreak community, and with people starting to believe more and more that the jailbreak as we know it is dead, it is great to know that we can at least still have some way to install tweaked games and applications. And yes, I've already made a review of AppValley a month ago, so this video is going to be an update, as AppValley has been updated quite a lot since then. New tweaked applications and games have been added and, of course, new application that you would normally find in Cydia.

The good part about AppValley is the fact that it has a huge variety of tweaked apps and games to chose from, while most of these 3rd-party app stores have 10-12 apps that continuously get revoked. Considering the fact that no jailbreak is required to install them apps, this is working on both iOS 10.x and iOS 11 Beta.

Of course, it is not the same thing as an actual jailbreak, but as jailbreaks are getting increasingly rare and require more and more powerful exploits, these 3rd party app stores commonly named "Cydia or Jailbreak alternatives" are starting to look quite good. Imagine how bad the life on iOS would be without them.

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