iOS Virus For Jailbroken Devices| How to Protect Your evice

In today's video I would like to announce the fact that a malware has been reported 1 day ago by a jailbroken device user on Reddit Jailbreak Community. He was able to narrow down his search to his device after his internet communications company complained about his actions in an e-mail. By the looks of it, we're talking about a botnet which can be described as bellow: Normally a botnet represents a network of infected computers / devices remotely controlled by an attacker to perform various actions on his behalf. Usually, these botnets are used to attack a specific target (DDoS), or in attempts to break various cryptography (passwords, hashes, etc). 

On your device, getting infected with such malware is possible due to a couple of reasons and those boil down to: Installing maliciously crafted tweaks from various sources, installing untrusted closed source IPA files, accessing a website containing an exploit that can be used on a Jailbroken device.

If you are Jailbroken you are at risk too. Normally the jailbreak is safe, but in essence, the Jailbreak disables any security mechanisms in order to work properly. This, of course has a bad effect, that is, your device remains unprotected should something like this happen. If you see suspicious activity like: Increased traffic, sudden slower internet access from the device, battery draining way quicker than it usually does, unknown / shady processes running, device becoming hot (high CPU load) or any new / strange files acting as root, or if your internet company complains about your devices trying to attack any endpoint of any network, you may want to sign out of any accounts on the device, secure your accounts on a clean PC, disconnect the device from WiFi and contact us for help.

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