iOS 9.3.5 – Nalu Jailbreak Project Explained!

A lot of you have been asking me for like 1 month about this Nalu Jailbreak project from Github described as an INCOMPLETE iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak created by @iosusr. I've been getting questions on wether or not this is a real Jailbreak project, and also I've been getting questions on whether is a promising jailbreak project or just another copy of another old jailbreak. To be brutally honest, at the beginning I've thought that Nalu is a copy of that fake Brando's Jailbreak. It turned out it wasn't after i've been going back and forth with the creator of the project, who happens to be someone I know (on twitter). In fact @iosusr has a good grasp on how iOS works and how exploits work, and therefore NO the iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak project he started on GitHub is not another fake, and that's a good thing.

See, the project itself is made so that he can contribute to it as he learns. He is still in the process of learning (deeply) the iOS, and therefore I don't expect Nalu to be released as a Jailbreak soon. One good thing that I've noticed and that I was also told by @iosusr is that his project makes use of Luca Todesco's iOS 9.3.5 Codesign Bypass fixed in iOS 10. This makes a good part of the jailbreak to already exist, but in the current stage it can't be used as a full fledged jailbreak. Please don't bother the developer with requests, it doesn't help at all.

So, the reason I made this video is to clarify once and for all what Nalu is, the fact that it is NOT yet another fake jailbreak project, the fact that I won't expect a release of it very soon as the developer still learns the deep parts of iOS – although he has a vast knowledge, and to prevent people from sending me this link over and over again asking me about it.

In the video, at the end, I also talk about what is going on with FriedAppleTeam.

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