iOS 10.2 New Yalu Dark Jailbreak Beta 10 (With New Interface!)

In today's video I am glad to present you the newest version of Yalu Dark, that being Beta 10. Beta 10 changes everything. The design has been reinvented and is now looking more like an iOS 10 app that something coming from a parallel universe. I have collected feedback from various people using my Yalu Dark and I've came up with this design, which in my opinion looks 100 times better than the previous version of Yalu Dark.

A lot of you are asking about this Yalu Dark's compatibility, so I've decided to add a completely new section in which to make clear once for all with which versions (iOS 10 to 10.2) and which devices (all 64-Bit devices except iPhone 7) is Yalu compatible. 
There is a general confusion around the app that should be used to Jailbreak the iPhone 7 on iOS 10.1.1 – that is not yalu102 and therefore not Yalu Dark. To Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7 you need a special version created by Luca called mach_portal + yalu102 Beta 3. I have made a video explaining how to use it, what is the difference and from where to get it, I will link it down bellow.

Coming with this update, apart from the major design changes are a couple of stability improvements on the application. Please keep in mind that Yalu Jailbreak is in Beta and might not be very stable on some devices. Don't install incompatible tweaks as they can easily wreck your Jailbreak.
Yalu Dark is completely safe and open-source, so those who are curious about the code behind it (or skeptical) can analyze it and clarify what they don't understand.

Yau Dark 10:
Yalu Dark's Source Code:
Official yalu102's Website:
What if you have an iPhone 7?:

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