iOS 9.0.1 Apple TV PanGu Jailbreak Released | Why PanGu doesn’t release iOS 9.3 right now

What is up guys? George here, Today with an astonishing update. PanGu, a well-known Jailbreak Team released iOS 9.0 to 9.0.1 tvOS (Apple TV) Jailbreak Tool. While for many of you this might sound useless, it is an achievement considering that Apple TV hasn't got a Jailbreak since immemorial times…

PanGU is a notorious Jailbreak Team firstly known for Jailbreaking the iOS 7.x back in time, and then the iOS 8, 9.0, 9.0.2 and now 9.1, with this huge amount of experience in this field, we're no longer surprised by their achievement.

Even though it is a kinda old version, as the latest version of tvOS for Apple TV 4G is 9.2 (Angora), Jailbreaking 9.0.1 (MonarchTide) is an achievement considering that the latest Jailbreakable tvOS version was 7.1.2 using Seas0nPass. Good work PanGu!

The tool comes as a .ZIP archive and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE (PanGu Official Link)

In this video we also discussing why PanGu hasn't released iOS 9.3 Jailbreak right after iOS 9.3 Release on March 21 Apple Event, and why it takes so long.
My message for those who simply can't wait for the team to do the job is a pretty serious one, people simply put way too much pressure on PanGu Team.

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