iOS 10.3 Beta CFW iCloud Bypass – iPhone 5/5S /6

So, in today's video I have for you an update iOS 10.3 Beta CFW creation tutorial for iCloud Bypass Research. In this video we're going to perform the various actions required to build the CFW on an OS X environment. This, of course, can be done on Windows as well, but for the moment, because iOS 10.3 introduces APFS (Apple File System) to the DMGs, until iOS 10.3 gets out of the Beta and companies update their DMG reading tools, you will only be able to work on 32-Bit DMGs for iOS 10.3 on Windows. If your device is a 64-bit one, and you want to use iOS 10.3 Beta, you will need a macOS Sierra environment as Sierra has support for APFS. Support for Windows will eventually be added.

For those who don't have macOS and can't emulate it on Windows, I recommend following the iOS 10.2.1 tutorial as iOS 10.2.1, as of now (2/23) is still signed and it still uses the old HFS+ format readable on Windows.

We use iHEX to build the Setup.App Patch. iHex can be found on OS X App Store for free.

This is a work in progress, so expect errors and minor difficulties during the process. For that matter, a F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) page was created and you should read that page BEFORE trying this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the limitations or fixes.

iOS 10.3 Beta:
F.A.Q. Page (READ IT!):
Patches Page:
About APFS:
Setup.App Documentation:


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