iOS 10.3.2 NEW – How To Disable Automatic Updates and Notifications

On iOS, there is no way to turn off automatic updates, but these updates are not welcome if your jailbroken or planning to #jailbreak so here's how you disable them with a simple trick.

In today's video I am going to quickly show you how to disable the iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 10.3.1 (and even lower) automatic updates and update notifications. This is very helpful if you want to stay on a specific version without being afraid of your device updating overnight as sometimes happens on iOS devices if they're plugged in. If you're jailbroken, and your device updates overnight you will lose the jailbreak, and if you're not, you still need to block the updates if you want to stay on the lowest version since you have more chances to Jailbreak on lower firmware.

The method is not new, in fact it has been presented on this channel a couple mounts ago, but the link used back then is now no longer valid, it returns a 404 error, so I've decided to make a new video as I found a new working link for the profile that is used to block iOS 10 updates.

The NOOTA.mobileconfig profile is basically the Apple TV OS Beta profile and since you install it on an iPhone and not on an Apple TV, the device will not be able to update anymore without your permission.

NOOTA.Mobileconfig Profile (Updated)
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