iOS 10.2 Prometheus Downgrade New Version | How to Fix “Segmentation Fault” 

Today we're quickly getting into the new Prometheus Downgrade tool a.k.a FutureRestore created by @tihmstar. This new version was posted after several reports of "Segmentation Fault 11" errors. If you remember, we got the same error on my previous video.
In this video I will show you exactly how to fix the issue if you really want to try this downgrade tool; Also, the new version require a new parameter, BBGCID (Baseband Gold Certificate ID), that you must extract from RedSn0w, so in this video I will also show you that.
Unfortunately, this version is still not working for me, now I get "Baseband is not signed", but for you it might work; @tihmstar himself said it is more buggy than he expected but it is bound to be fixed as soon as possible. 

If you decide to try this buggy tool, please inform us whether you got any errors, we will collect them all and send them to @tihmstar, it might help with fixing the bugs.

New Prometheus Version:

==Awesome Resources==
tihmstar's talk at 33c3 about Downgrades:
tihmstar's introduction video for Prometheus:


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