iOS 10.2 Jailbreak For iPhone 7 – Will It Ever Come? (Explained)

Today I will answer one of the most asked questions on my channel. Whether iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.1.1, or even iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ever come. We all know Luca Todesco said he is not going to continue with Public Jailbreak Releases after Yalu Jailbreak brought some troubles and annoyances his way, but will he finish the Jailbreak so that iPhone 7 users can also use a decent tweak without having to activate the substrate manually? Well my friend, you might be lucky. Todesco did announced last month that the iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 7 will definitely be updated at some point, but it is not a priority for him right now.

As interesting as it sounds, what about iOS 10.2 and 10.2.1?
For those of you who ignored my repeated warnings (And Todesco's) and updated to iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 7, the situation is a bit more sketchy. Some of the exploits are still working on iPhone 7 iOS 10.2, but the Kernel Patch Protection bypass exploit is not. Not a very bad thing, nothing Todesco can't fix, but will take time and a lot of experiment because a bad KPP bypass can make the Jailbreak terribly unstable, and trust me, will take a long time until Todesco will ever release software in "Beta" again after the whole storm around the bugs in Yalu Beta. So, most likely he will wait to have it in a stable form before releasing.
About iOS 10.2.1, you are completely out of luck. The signing windows is now closed for iOS 10.2 so you can't go back, but iOS 10.3 will be up soon, DON'T UPDATE! You have more chances on iOS 10.2.1 than on iOS 10.3 which is bound to change a lot of things in the underlaying structure of the FS.


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