iOS 10.2.1 iOS Downgrade – How to Fix Prometheus DYLIB Errors

Downgrading is cool, but FutureRestore has a bug that won't let you achieve it. So due to a popular request on the channel, today I show you how to fix the "libcrypto dylib" error that appears in Terminal on the latest version of FutureRestore (Prometheus) iOS Downgrade tool created by @tihmstar. The error appears due to the openssl either not being installed, or being installed on a different path than the app searches for it (or simply missing the symlinks).

In order to use FutureRestore (Prometheus) to downgrade your iOS version to the one you have blobs (tickets) for you can either use Nonce Collision (nonce attack) method (doesn't work on all devices and takes a lot of try-error to get it working) or you can use nonceEnabler method which forces a specific nonce to be generated. This last method requires tfp0 (task_for_pid) and therefore, Jailbreak so is not possible on iOS 10.2.1. 
I will make a tutorial on how to downgrade, but for the moment the tool is inly available on OS X and Linux, and is still very buggy (as you can see), so I will wait until it is stable / safer.

==Resources used==
FutureRestore OS X:

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