iOS 10.3 B2 – Lilo Dark for CFW iCloud Bypass Overview

So, in today's video we make an overview of the newest version of Lilo App, the Lilo Dark. This Application can be used with the CFW iCloud Bypass tutorial linked down bellow and is compatible with iOS 10 to iOS 10.3 Beta 2. The newest version changes the design from a light interface to a dark one (which looks better and it is also easier on eyes), and adds new functionality. Probably the most important new functionality is the ability to detect the Kernel build details. This is done through uname component.

Also, the application is capable of identifying the presence of various Jailbreak components like Pangu's Untether, Yalu Jailbreak, Cydia, or various other components. You don't have to have a bypassed device to use these components. If you are planning to follow the CFW tutorial, it is required to read the F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) to familiarize with its requirements and limitations.

Lilo Dark:
CFW Creation Tutorial:
F.A.Q. Page (READ IT):


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