iOS 9.3.2 iPhone 4S Kernel Key is UP | How to grab logs from locked iPhone 5S / 6 and 6S

Today I show you how to grab the System and Kernel logs from iCloud locked iPhone 5S / 5 / 4S / 6 and so on, and how to send the logs to me for the research and development of Patch for Custom IPSW for iCloud Bypass. This was a very demanded tutorial among our commenters, therefore, I decided to make it finally.

Also, in the video I announce the iOS 9.3.2 KernelCache Keys being released for iPhone 4S by @xerub. This means you can decrypt the Kernel, dissemble it with IDA PRO on Windows or Hopper v3 on OS X and search for bugs that can render a Jailbreak opportunity and not only.

Those keys are very important because they allow you to decrypt, and therefore modify, the content of the ROOT File System, Ramdisks and Kernel.

My addresses for logs:
office [ at ]
georgejohnson86[ at ]

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