iOS 10 – iPhone 5 Full CFW iCloud Bypass With Setup.App Patch + Proofs

In today's video I show you how to build a custom firmware for iOS 10 (Public Version) iPhone 5 for iCloud Bypass with Setup.App Patch file that I created and I released a couple of days ago.

The procedure is not simple and prior iOS components / firmware modification knowledge is strongly advised.

iOS 10's ROOT File System DMG file is not encrypted with the classing AES 128 key which means you don't need to decrypt it through Firmware Manager, but the file is still Read-Only which means that in order to be able to carry out any kind of modification, you need to convert it to RW (Read-Write), this can be done with the command given in the video and also down bellow.

In the terminal you will write:
hdiutil convert filename.dmg -format UDRW -o newfile.dmg

This video contains multiple proofs including a side by side comparison with iCloud Status page and the actual phone.
All these proofs are here to prevent any doubts from people who don't have a compatible device and run in errors.

Speaking about compatibility, as the very first 14 seconds of the video explain, this method might not apply to all iPhone 5 models. Apple made multiple variants, mine happens to be A1428, so I can only test on iPhone 5,2 16 GB A1428, all the rest might be compatible or not, I can't carry out the tests so I can't speak without knowing.

This video might only apply for iPhone 5, so please don't ask here about any other device. I only tested on iPhone 5, therefore, questions like "does this work on iPhone X" can't be answered certainly.

Please consult the F.A.Q. page BEFORE attempting to follow the tutorial. It will help you understand whether is good for what you need / your device or not.

This video is published for Educational and research purpose only. This video comes with no guarantee and should be taken "as is". I am not liable for any damages or misuse.

Warning! You won't be able to place any calls or to use any sim card after this. It is unknown if you can Pangu Jailbreak.
This is a work in progress! It is subjected to errors, and requires advanced mobile firmware modification knowledge.

Libimobiledevice appears not to be able to restore on my Windows machine, not even the untouched official iPSW.

OS X is required to make the DMG read write.

==Download Section==
iOS 10:
Setup.App Patch:
Plist Editor:
Firmware Manager:

A table with all iPhone 5 models:
F.A.Q Page (READ IT!):



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