iOS 10.1.1 – iPhone 6 – Setup.App Patch for CFW iCloud Bypass

Today I released the Setup.App Patch for iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 due to the following reasons: First, the Firmware Manager we've built that has an automated Setup.App Patcher is unfortunately not available for OS X, which means that OS X users are not able to make their automated patches and they rely on our patches.
Secondly, the Firmware Manager on Windows seems not to be able to build the iOS 10.1.1 patches correctly so we have to push a new update to fix the bug.

You can use the patch using the x64-related tutorials if you want to for both Windows or OS X.

In this video, I will also show you how to reverse engineer the patch so that you can understand its working method.

==Download Section==
Setup.App Patch:


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